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Maximator Hydrogen GmbH is a leading supplier and developer of core components for hydrogen technologies. With highly specialized experts at our headquarters in Nordhausen (Germany) and in our subsidiaries in the USA and France, we combine the know-how of around 700 patents in the hydrogen sector. Together with our development partner Maximator Advanced Technology (MAT) in Vienna, we are continuously driving forward the technical development of our products.

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Schmidt Kranz Family

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Our core values

As a provider of specific and individual comprehensive solutions, we put our customers and partners at the centre. The strong focus on partnerships and networks - also with competitors - requires an inclusive approach that opens doors and unlocks shared potential. We see ourselves as a fast and innovative as well as a solution-oriented and passionate "H2 team": a special unit of experts that finds the best possible solution for numerous "hydrogen challenges" of its customers.

The enthusiasm and unconditional commitment to this solution competence is the basis of all internal and external communication, which in turn finds its roots in our values.

Corporate Mission

We are a leading supplier and developer of core components for hydrogen technologies. With more than 200 (as of 11/23) highly specialised employees at its headquarters in Nordhausen (Germany) and its branch offices in the USA and France, we combine the know-how of approx. 700 patents from the hydrogen sector.


As part of the Schmidt Kranz Group, founded in 1885, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH offers comprehensive system solutions for the entire value chain of hydrogen technologies: from the development of specialised components, to the production, transport and distribution of hydrogen, to customer support for end users.


As a fast and efficient partner for the planning, construction and operation of hydrogen infrastructures for road, rail and marine transport, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH offers its customers highly reliable and modern hydrogen filling stations including service and support. To this end, the company maintains strong networks with filling station operators and energy companies such as Avia. In addition, the company is currently building Germany's largest production facility for hydrogen filling stations at its headquarters in Nordhausen. Maximator Hydrogen GmbH's special hydrogen competence is based on its many years of expertise in the development and production of compression technologies for gaseous and liquid energy carriers and fuels. Together with the technological development team at Maximator MAT in Vienna, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH continues to develop this key technology in a consistent and focused manner for hydrogen operation. Through comprehensive networking within the various divisions of the Schmidt Kranz Group, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH translates this expertise into specialised and highly demand-oriented total solutions for hydrogen-based transport infrastructures. As a system solution provider, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH is thus the spearhead of the Schmidt Kranz Group for fast, individual and sustainable hydrogen applications.


In order to live up to this claim, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH relies on a highly specialised workforce with many years of expertise in the development, exploitation and provision of hydrogen technologies. The Maximator Hydrogen GmbH team combines the know-how of around 700 hydrogen-related patents in which they have been involved in the course of their individual careers - an expertise and innovative strength in the hydrogen sector that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.


In addition to technical expertise and solution- and customer-oriented planning, development and implementation processes, the greatest possible openness to partnerships is a central component of the company's philosophy. With its high performance, flexibility and speed, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH is a valuable partner for specifically tailored solutions in projects of large international companies and corporations.


Code of Conduct

We are taking up our social responsibility and deems this commitment as a prerequisite for ongoing corporate success. The principles described below are our minimum standards and do not affect any country-specific additions that are based on relevant cultural circumstances.


Child labour

We will not engage in or associate ourselves with use of child labour in our operations.


Compensation and working hours

We recognise workers needs for adequate remuneration and observe the legally guaranteed minimum wages in the respective labour markets. We observe the rules that apply to working hours in each of our operations.


Conflicts of interest, gifts and attempted bribery

We shall neither accept nor distribute any gifts that may lead to a conflict of interests. In particular, neither bribes nor any other illegal payments may be made or offered to government officials or other persons.


Environmental responsibility

We maintain in our day-to-day work an efficient environmental management system, which we continually improve. Local environmental protection laws and the specifications of Maximator Hydrogen GmbH’s environmental management system must be observed as a minimum. We collaborate with our business partners and suppliers in exercising our environmental responsibility.


Forced labour

We will not engage in or associate ourselves with use of any form of forced labour in our operations.


Health and safety

We aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable standards for occupational health and safety. We will take steps to prevent injuries and occupational illnesses caused by workplace conditions.


Human rights

We undertake to observe the internationally proclaimed human rights in our sphere of influence.


Moral concept and non-discrimination

Maximator Hydrogen GmbH acts according to Christian moral concepts. We respect other religions and ethnic features in their activities based on valid laws and norms.

We aim to provide a workplace free of discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender, race, skin colour, religious beliefs, age, national origin, handicap or sexual orientation. Employees in our workplace deserve and expect each others respect.

We decline each form or terrorism and radicalism.


Protection of identity and protection against retaliation

We are convinced that only an open corporate culture can achieve sustainable success. In the event of doubts about the fulfillment of the above obligations and in order to avoid improper activities, we encourage our employees to contact a direct supervisor or, if necessary, the management.

Maximator Hydrogen ensures that all employees who submit a report are protected from threats, harassment or other harmful measures within the company. Those giving information do not have to fear termination.


Relationship with employees and employee representatives

We respect our employees’ voluntary freedom of association. Independent of this, we also enable our employees to express their interests directly to management on a continual basis.



We believe each of our employees has an individual responsibility to follow this Code of Conduct and encourage co-workers to abide by it as well. Management is responsible for enforcing principles that become part of our rules and policies.



We encourage, where practicable, our suppliers to introduce and implement similar principles of social responsibility within their companies.


Workforce development

We see the development of our employees as an essential investment in the future of our company. We also value the development of social and methodical expertise.



We are committed to complying with current legal provisions as well as regulatory standards and guidelines. For this purpose, we will define the necessary measures and allocate the necessary human and material resources.


Whistleblower System

Compliance with the principles of conduct set out in our Code of Conduct, statutory regulations and internal rules is a top priority for Maximator Hydrogen. Our corporate success is largely based on integrity and compliance. In order to live up to this claim, it is important to learn about possible misconduct on the part of our own employees and to prevent it. That is why we offer a confidential whistleblowing system. Information can be submitted to us directly and anonymously using the whistleblower form. We will not take any action to identify anonymous whistleblowers who do not abuse our whistleblowing system. Discrimination against anyone who contributes to investigations at Maximator Hydrogen will not be tolerated.


Export Control Policy

The Maximator Hydrogen GmbH Export Control Policy advocates non-participation in measures towards development, production and distribution of NBC weapons or launch vehicles.

All legal and internal measures are defined in our export control and customs guidelines. Besides German, European and US laws, this also includes further internal limitations regarding the aforementioned intended uses.

As before, each order is checked according to end-use, purpose and against the criteria of the different export lists, independent of the destination country and if necessary, the relevant authorisation can be obtained.

Should the necessary authorisation not be granted, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH expressly reserves the right to refuse a pre-approved contract.


REACH, ROHS & Conflict minerals

RoHS - Declaration on Directive 2011/65/EU

We are a manufacturer of gas filling stations in the field of hydrogen technology. Our products are stationary equipment which, in accordance with Article 2 (4) (d) + (e), do not fall within the scope of the EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS) and the Delegated Directive (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II.

Nevertheless, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH voluntarily strives to comply with the environmental policy objective of this directive in the industrial environment as well. Therefore, all electrical and electronic equipment installed in our systems is procured in compliance with Directive 2011/65/EU and the Delegated Directive (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II.

Our suppliers are obliged to comply with the RoHS Directive in accordance with the terms and conditions of purchase.


REACH - Declaration on Regulation EC No. 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals

Maximator Hydrogen GmbH is a manufacturer of gas filling stations in the field of hydrogen technology and a so-called "downstream user" in the sense of (EC) No. 1907/2006, Article 3, Point 13.

In the interest of high product safety, we intensively pursue the implementation of REACH with our suppliers. For use during production, the use of substances in accordance with the REACH regulation is reduced as far as possible. As a manufacturer of gas filling stations, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH supplies the corresponding safety data sheets for all operating materials / equipment used within the meaning of the REACH Regulation.


Conflict minerals

Maximator Hydrogen GmbH is aware of its social responsibility with regard to the environment, safety, health and the observance of human rights. With our conduct in business dealings, we are committed to the peaceful and sustainable use of our global resources. We do not directly import conflict minerals, in accordance with the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation ((EU) 2017/821), nor do we currently have any indications that our products may contain minerals originating from this conflict region.

Maximator Hydrogen GmbH is not an importer within the meaning of 2017/821.


OHSAS | Health, occupational safety and environmental policy

Health, occupational safety and environmental policy of Maximator Hydrogen GmbH

Sustainable corporate management requires modern companies such as our to integrate social interests and environmental protection concerns into their business activities. As a global supplier of hydrogen refuelling systems, one of our core tasks is to actively shape the framework conditions for this. For this reason, we have declared a sustainable corporate policy based on occupational safety and environmental protection to be an essential part of our value system.


Our commitment goes beyond the legal obligations. Our business activities are not only regulated by international occupational safety and environmental protection principles. We implement the comparatively strict occupational safety and environmental standards of the Federal Republic of Germany and exceed the minimum standards prevailing in many other countries around the world. In the area of occupational safety we strive to establish the requirements of ISO 45001 and in the area of environmental management the requirements of ISO 14001 in our company.


Occupational safety: taking responsibility

Our company's success depends first and foremost on efficient employees, for whose safety and health we bear responsibility. To this end, we have anchored far-reaching standards for occupational health and safety in both the corporate code of conduct and the corporate mission statement. We are convinced that accidents and injuries are preventable. The interaction of intelligent technical safety equipment, targeted training and the active cooperation of all are the basis for this. Based on these measures, we place a high priority on the safety and well-being of our employees and demonstrate responsibility not only to them, but also to our subcontractors, customers and all members of the public who are affected by our activities.


The management of Maximator Hydrogen GmbH does everything in its power to create the framework conditions for effective occupational health and safety. In the committees for occupational safety, measures to avert and avoid hazards are regularly defined, documented and their implementation monitored. In addition, we implement workplace health promotion and define measures to promote health awareness among employees and to positively influence their health behaviour. The personal commitment of our employees is essential. They are also responsible for implementing the guidelines for occupational safety and health protection.


Minimum Wage

We undertake to comply with the provisions of the Minimum Wage Act, including paying the statutory minimum wage to our employees.


Furthermore, we undertake to oblige subcontractors or contracted hire companies to pay the statutory minimum wage to their employees.


Our history

A large portion of know-how, human dexterity and skills leading to unique ideas and courageous decisions put our vision on an unshakable pedestal. Once Jules Verne spoke of the future energy supply of the earth through hydrogen. Today, we speak of the center for hydrogen technology and climate-neutral infrastructures, manufactured in the green center of Germany.

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For us, the term service has a very simple definition: from advice to maintenance, we provide our customers with an all-round package.


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