Fueling the Future - Finally with Hydrogen.

We are passionate about building hydrogen filling stations and thus fueling the future. Our mission is to make hydrogen usable on a large scale and to help infrastructures achieve climate neutrality.

Maximator Hydrogen

Why Hydrogen Refueling Stations?

Because we can! Years of experience in high-pressure technology led to the development of a specific product portfolio in the field of hydrogen applications in our sister company. Coupled with the worldwide outcry for climate-friendly alternatives to fossil fuel drive technology and some visionary minds, we decided to produce hydrogen filling stations. Being able to provide the right technology at the right time did not make the decision difficult for us.

Our sister company, Maximator GmbH, is the world market leader in high-pressure technology and provides customised solutions from the smallest seal to the mightiest tank test stand. We carry on this credo: we help you find the one and only suitable solution in your field of hydrogen application.

  • System solutions for the entire value chain of hydrogen technologies
  • Hydrogen infrastructures for road, rail and marine transport
  • Unique expertise and innovative strength in the hydrogen sector
  • "Hydrogen Spirit" - open mindset, strong commitment, unconditional team play and genuine passion

Follow your curiosity, your thirst for knowledge and get an overview of our product portfolio. If you are curious about who we are, take a look at our company page. If you would like to go your way together with us and drive progress, then feel free to visit our career section. We are happy to have you with us!

Our product portfolio

We call our overall system for hydrogen refueling a hydrogen filling station, gas filling station or Hydrogen Refueling System (HRS). Behind these terms are all the modules which, in their interaction, ensure satisfied filling processes at the dispenser. For example, the MAX Compression System compresses the hydrogen, MAX Storage stores it and the dispenser releases the hydrogen as soon as the customer starts the filling process. Of course, there are several other modules involved in the process, which we would be happy to present to you on our product page. Maximator Hydrogen only offers complete hydrogen refueling stations - the components are determined on a customer-specific basis.

Thanks to a strong focus on innovation and the modularization of our hydrogen refueling stations, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for customers in Germany, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and beyond. Our extensive expertise in the planning and construction of H2 filling stations has led to numerous successful projects, whose references speak for themselves both in Europe and worldwide. From small pilot projects to large-scale infrastructure projects, we have proven that we can meet our customers' requirements. We implement safe and reliable H2 systems for various applications such as ships, cars, buses and heavy goods vehicles, for both 350 bar and 700 bar pressure requirements.

From a corporate perspective, we define ourselves as a leading provider and developer of comprehensive system solutions for the entire hydrogen technology value chain. Located in the green heart of Germany, we develop, produce and deliver highly reliable and modern hydrogen filling stations worldwide from a single source.

From the perspective of our team, we present ourselves as a modern, efficient company. With our colleagues, we combine unique expertise with the know-how of several hundred H2-relevant patents. We are efficient, flexible and live the "hydrogen spirit" - open mindset, strong commitment, unconditional team play and genuine passion.

Common goals connect with each other - and so, as a leading manufacturer of hydrogen filling stations, we coordinate and work together with various companies from the hydrogen industry.


Join us! Accompany technological progress with your passion and know-how.


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For us, the term service has a very simple definition: from advice to maintenance, we provide our customers with an all-round package.