References for hydrogen refueling stations

With a strong focus on innovation and modularization of our hydrogen refueling stations, we have become a trusted partner for customers in Germany, Switzerland, BeNeLux and beyond. Thanks to our extensive expertise in the planning and construction of hydrogen refueling stations, we have implemented numerous successful projects.




Hydrogen refueling stations worldwide

Hydrogen refueling stations from Maximator Hydrogen are already being used successfully in various countries. For example, 90 % of the existing systems in Switzerland were manufactured by us. We work closely with our partners worldwide to ensure that every project is completed on time and within budget.



H2 stations in operation

Switzerland 16
Germany 11
The Netherlands 3
Austria 2
Sweden 2


>80 stations worldwide by 2025


Hydrogen refuelings

Over 1,000 tons of mass refueled and more than 90,000 successful hydrogen refuelings in just four years - we have good reason to be proud of this! In various countries, we have already implemented projects according to customer requirements or we are part of country-specific infrastructure concepts. For example, we refuel urban public transport with hydrogen produced from the waste product of a waste incineration plant and the electricity generated from it, or ensure that food in Switzerland arrives at the retailer emission-free.


Year Refueling quantity Successful refuelings
2020 14 t 1,080
2021 227 t 15,200
2022 355 t 25,500
2023 432 t 39,300
Total until 02/2024 1,050 t 91,500


Our references

Our references for hydrogen refueling stations in Europe and worldwide speak for themselves. From small pilot projects to large-scale infrastructure projects, we have proven that we can meet our customers' requirements and implement safe, reliable H2 systems.

For example, 90% of Switzerland's hydrogen refueling stations have been built by Maximator Hydrogen, ensuring nationwide availability and continuous expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure - with more stations already in the pipeline. Whether for ships, cars, buses or heavy goods vehicles - see below for an excerpt of our references for hydrogen refueling stations for 350 bar and 700 bar.


AGROLA | Switzerland

3 stations
Rothenburg | Schötz | Zofingen
350 & 700 bar for trucks and cars


Maximator Hydrogen designed and produced three hydrogen filling stations in the center of Switzerland for AGROLA in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Maximator Hydrogen supported the founding member of the "H2 Mobility Switzerland" association with reliable infrastructure and, together with its partner AGROLA, is promoting the development of a commercial hydrogen cycle in Switzerland. The hydrogen filling stations are operated by LANDI Zofingen (Zofingen), LANDI Sempach-Emmen (Rothenburg) and LANDI Luzern-West (Schötz). The network is constantly being expanded.

AVIA | Switzerland

6 stations
Gossau | Pratteln | Puidoux | Rümlang | Schätzle Geuensee | St. Gallen
350 & 700 bar for trucks and cars


Maximator Hydrogen has already designed, supplied and installed six hydrogen refueling stations throughout Switzerland together with the mineral oil company AVIA since 2020. With the commissioning of the first hydrogen refueling station in St. Gallen, AVIA took a significant step towards sustainable mobility in 2020, making Switzerland a pioneer in the hydrogen economy. This promotes the constant expansion of the dense network in the Alpine country. The technology for compression and refueling comes from Maximator Hydrogen. 

AWG | Germany

1 station
350 bar for buses and garbage trucks


The first Maximator-developed hydrogen refueling station was installed in Wuppertal in 2019. On behalf of the public services companies Wuppertaler Stadtwerke and AWG Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft mbH Wuppertal, the Hydrogen Division of Maximator planned the implementation and installation of a system for public transport buses. 

CMB.TECH | Belgium

1 station
350 & 700 bar for ships, trucks and cars


The first multimodal hydrogen refueling station for CMB.TECH - an innovative technology developed and implemented by Maximator Hydrogen - was built in the port of Antwerp in 2021. In addition to trucks, buses and cars, ships can also be refueled with hydrogen there.

Coop | Switzerland

5 stations
Bern | Chur | Crissier | Dietikon | Frenkendorf
350 & 700 bar for trucks and cars


As part of its sustainability strategy for alternative energies, Coop Mineraloel AG has long been focusing on hydrogen as an energy source with high potential. As a founding member of the "H2 Mobility Switzerland" association, Coop Mineraloel AG has set itself the goal of further expanding the Swiss network of hydrogen refueling stations. Maximator Hydrogen has been supporting Coop Mineraloel AG in this project since 2020 and has already installed five systems with the company. The company is thus making an important contribution to the security of supply for hydrogen vehicles in Switzerland - and at the same time pointing the way towards sustainable mobility. 

Stadtwirtschaft Weimar | Germany

1 station
350 bar for buses


On contract to Stadtwirtschaft Weimar, Maximator Hydrogen opened its first hydrogen refueling station in its own state in 2023 as part of the Goethe city's pioneering transportation project. Following a period of around 10 months of intensive collaboration, the go-ahead was given for the state-of-the-art hydrogen refueling station to supply three zero-emission hydrogen buses.

Your hydrogen refueling station

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