We are passionate about building hydrogen filling stations and driving the future. Our mission is to make hydrogen usable on a large scale and to help infrastructures achieve climate neutrality. To achieve this, we are all pulling in the same direction.

For us, the "Hydrogen Spirit" means: open mindset, strong commitment, unconditional team play and genuine passion - we give every employee the freedom to develop independently. New H2 team members quickly find their enthusiasm for hydrogen with us.

  • Visionaries in the team
  • Bundled hydrogen know-how
  • Future-proof projects
  • Drivers of the energy transition

Working with Maximator Hydrogen

What gives us the "Hydrogen Spirit"? The people who are with us!

Our H2 team currently numbers almost 150 colleagues who manage to make our customers happy and projects come to life every day. And not only that, we provide the client's customer with a trusting, safe refuelling experience.

Working with us means making the world a little bit better every day. We decarbonise, reduce CO2 consumption and give visions a meadow to grow.

We'll show you here what you can expect from us. Maybe you will soon feel the "Hydrogen Spirit"?


Working and living with us.

No "Hydrogen Spirit" without recognition: in addition to modern working conditions, we offer you exciting benefits that make your working world more tangible:

If you want to follow your feeling and live the spirit, then join our H2 team now. Feel free to use the contact details of our HR Manager.

And so that you know what happens to your application after you have pressed send or left the letterbox, we will show you the application process next:

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Jan Döpfner
Jan Döpfner

Head of HR

If you would like to apply and have any questions regarding our job offer, please contact me. I will be happy to support and advise you.


phone +49 3631 65100 8081

smartphone +49 1529 0010896

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