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1,600 visitors at open day

On August 26, 2023, we opened our factory gates and invited visitors to an open day. Under the motto "We say Hy," around 1,600 interested visitors found their way to the "Hydrogen Valley South Harz" and learned about Germany's currently largest production facility for hydrogen refueling stations.


What role does hydrogen play in the energy transition? What does a hydrogen refueling station consist of? How long does it take to refuel a hydrogen car? All these questions were answered in exclusive plant tours and expert presentations.

About the history: The sister company Maximator GmbH entered the field of hydrogen technologies in the 1990s and developed the first dedicated hydrogen compressors for filling stations together with Maximator Advanced Technology (MAT) starting in 2017. Since 2018, Maximator GmbH also built and produced complete hydrogen refueling stations, and in a very short time has established a leading position in this field through innovative technologies. Since then, Maximator Hydrogen manufactured nearly 50 hydrogen fueling stations. At the beginning of 2022, SK Group recognized the signs of the times and supported a group and the management of Maximator (Hydrogen) in taking the courageous step to establish Maximator Hydrogen GmbH as an independent company in order to consistently develop and expand the hydrogen technology business.

The event was opened by Managing Director Mathias Kurras and the CEO of the SK Group, Mortimer Glinz. Words of welcome at the opening of the new office building, which was ready for occupation at the beginning of this year, came from Thuringia's Minister of Economic Affairs Wolfgang Tiefensee, District Administrator Matthias Jendricke and Mayor Alexandra Rieger. "We are currently experiencing the "German dream" here - value-oriented German engineering and ideas for the next generation to keep climate change at bay," said Mortimer Glinz. "Here in Nordhausen, you can feel the enthusiasm for hydrogen at every turn!" And this enthusiasm is infectious. As a result, there are now over 200 employees at the site. Here, Maximator Hydrogen presents itself as a strong regional employer that aims to grow to a workforce of around 300 in the next two years. To achieve this, specialists and managers are recruited from the region, brought to the region and, of course, trained themselves.

Especially in Central Germany, the topic of hydrogen seems to be really gaining momentum. During the event, HYPOS Managing Director Johannes Wege presented the membership certificate for the hydrogen network based in Halle an der Saale. The HySON Institute traveled from Sonneberg and provided information about its work.

Sister companies from the SK Group also presented themselves: FEST from Goslar builds PEM electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen; Maximator, as a sister company from Nordhausen, is an essential supplier for the H2 sister. In its technical presentations, Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences emphasized the excellent cooperation with the "hidden champion". "It is this cooperation at all levels that pays towards achieving the Paris climate goals and drives us every day," emphasized Maximator Hydrogen Managing Director Mathias Kurras. In the numerous discussions it became clear - the achievement of the 1.5 degree target can only succeed together with appropriate framework conditions through politics. Presenting a technology of the future to the general public and promoting social acceptance of the topic - Maximator Hydrogen contributed to this on this day.

Anne Fiebig | Marketing and Communications