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Maximator Hydrogen announces foundation in the Benelux countries

Maximator Hydrogen today announced the establishment of a new subsidiary in Wateringen, south of The Hague. This branch will operate under the name Maximator Hydrogen BeNeLux and marks a significant step towards the promotion of hydrogen mobility in the Benelux.

This subsidiary will operate under the name Maximator Hydrogen BeNeLux and marks a significant step towards promoting hydrogen mobility in the Benelux countries. The partners René Himmelstein and Mark de Wilde are thus continuing their successful collaboration of over 22 years in the high-pressure sector and are now focusing all their efforts on hydrogen mobility for their work in these countries.


Maximator Hydrogen BeNeLux will be the 3rd branch of Maximator Hydrogen worldwide, after Maximator Hydrogen France joined the USA in July 2023. This strengthens the partner network worldwide, and synergies from experience in the technology sector, but also project management, can be used to realize the projects that are so important for the climate change in a timely and efficient manner for the operators. "I look forward to building on the many years of collaboration with Mark and working with him and his team to help shape the future of hydrogen in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and thus the overarching European climate targets," explains René Himmelstein, CSO of Maximator Hydrogen GmbH.


As with the other branches, the basis for this foundation is the many years of trust from the joint work in the Benelux branch of the sister company Maximator GmbH. The parties involved have been working together in the high-pressure sector since 2002 and have been able to gain important experience. The relationships in the countries and both the linguistic and (promotional) cultural expertise are now to be used to provide a valuable basis for the first H2 projects and to get straight down to business. "We are highly motivated to further expand our expertise in technology and service, which we were able to gather as Maximator in the high-pressure sector, in a new business area related to hydrogen mobility and bring it into the field," adds Mark de Wilde, Managing Director of Maximator Hydrogen BeNeLux and Maximator Benelux.


The funding landscape for hydrogen projects in the Benelux has developed strongly in recent years, driven by the common goal of reducing carbon emissions and advancing the energy transition. In this region, there are a large number of major projects aimed at the production, storage, distribution and use of green hydrogen. Belgium, for example, is pursuing the goal of developing Antwerp into a hydrogen hub and driving forward developments, particularly in the heavy-duty sector. The Netherlands is considered a pioneer in the hydrogen economy and has launched a wide range of projects, particularly in local and heavy goods transport, such as the Stimuleringsregeling Duurzame Energieproductie or Topsector Energie programs. As a comparatively small country, Luxembourg is also focusing on hydrogen and the government has also announced various investments.


Maximator Hydrogen GmbH has already delivered several systems to the countries involved, such as a system in the port of Antwerp operated by CMB.TECH or various systems in the Netherlands, e.g. in Pesse, Emmen or Nieuwegein. With the establishment of its own subsidiary, the service in the countries can be provided even more closely and customers benefit from the proximity and expertise of Maximator Hydrogen BeNeLux employees with regard to national structures and regulations, particularly when handling new projects. In this way, the technology supplier is not only focusing on the further distribution of its high-performance systems, but also on the increasing networking and development of all parties involved, which should gradually increase the acceptance of hydrogen in mobility.


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