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Maximator Hydrogen and MoviaTec build H2 filling station for Cottbus public transport

Cottbusverkehr GmbH, in collaboration with Maximator Hydrogen and MoviaTec, yesterday announced the construction of a pioneering hydrogen filling station that will set Cottbus's public transport system on the road to the energy transition.


This innovative facility is part of the model project initiated by Cottbusverkehr GmbH and LEAG to promote emission-free mobility in the region. A high-performance H2 filling station with electrolysis is being built at the Cottbusverkehr depot to produce green hydrogen, which will be used to refuel the eleven future hydrogen-powered zero-emission buses.


On May 4, 2023, LEAG and Cottbusverkehr GmbH publicly announced the conclusion of the contract for the upcoming mobility model and the first hydrogen filling station in Lusatia in the presence of the city of Cottbus and the Lusatia economic region. Since then, planning has progressed with great enthusiasm and, in addition to the electrolysis plant for producing the hydrogen, a supplier for the necessary low-emission buses has also been found. The transport company has now also announced that it has awarded the contract for the refueling infrastructure to none other than the planning company MoviaTec from Leipzig and the Thuringian hydrogen refueling station specialist Maximator Hydrogen. Together, they are expected to build a modern hydrogen filling station in conjunction with an electrolysis plant for supply at the Cottbusverkehr GmbH site by mid-2025. Ralf Thalmann, Managing Director of Cottbusverkehr GmbH, emphasizes: "With the model project involving hydrogen production at the company's headquarters through to efficient refueling, we are taking a new step towards a truly emission-free transport concept. We are grateful to have found partners in the region to jointly advance the development of emission-free technologies for Cottbus and beyond."

Strong partnership with a common goal

The Leipzig-based company MoviaTec won the Cottbus tender as general contractor for the construction and planning aspects of the entire plant. The company has extensive experience in the field of infrastructure for alternative fuels and was therefore predestined for the joint East German project. Frank Rößler, Managing Director of MoviaTec, emphasizes: "We are delighted to be part of this pioneering project and to contribute our expertise, e.g. from our joint work with Maximator Hydrogen from the H2 filling station in Leipzig, to promoting emission-free mobility in Cottbus and the whole of Lusatia." Mathias Kurras, CEO of Maximator Hydrogen, emphasizes: "We are grateful to be able to use our technology in eastern Germany and to help shape the economic aspirations and transformation processes of a region. This requires close, partnership-based cooperation between all parties involved in order to achieve the common goal of zero emissions."


Powerful technology for supplying the H2 fleet
The hydrogen filling station will be equipped with the latest technology from Maximator Hydrogen and will ensure refueling at 350 bar (e.g. buses), but also at 700 bar if required. This is ensured by the MAX Dispenser 1.5, the latest generation of dispensers from the Thuringian H2 specialist, which offers special features for safety and user-friendliness. This equipment is intended to increase the acceptance and integration of the new fuel and to tie in as easily as possible with the usage habits of bus drivers and, if possible, other users.


The right equipment is needed to fully and efficiently utilize the 1 MW of electrolysis power for the bus fleet of initially eleven vehicles. The MAX Compression System 2.0 with 75 kW drive power is the latest generation of Maximator Hydrogen's compressor system. The high performance of the piston-driven compressor system is necessary in order to effectively provide the hydrogen produced from the electrolysis for the requirements of the buses to be used. Supplemented by a large storage system with a storage volume of approx. 500 bar and 35,100 liters, it will be possible to pre-produce compressed hydrogen on certain days for other days with high traffic volumes. The green hydrogen thus also serves as a storage medium for the surplus wind and solar power generated by LEAG.

In addition to a remote connection to control production and monitoring for the operator and service desk, the system also includes a patented solution for the system's most stressed components, the hydrogen seals. With the so-called Automatic Seal Exchange, the worn seals in the piston are replaced by spare seals from a reserve magazine, triggered by sensors, which is a unique solution from the Thuringian company. This reduces downtimes and maintenance work, thus ensuring the performance and availability of the system.


Emission-free outlook for an entire region

With the first eleven hydrogen buses from the end of 2024, the project not only marks an important step towards sustainable mobility in Cottbus, but also opens up prospects for other districts in Brandenburg's Lusatia region. In the future, other public transport providers will also be equipped with hydrogen filling stations and electrolysis systems to enable seamless networking. This demonstrates the pioneering nature of the project with a supra-regional impact and is symbolic of the transition to a sustainable future for Lusatia and beyond.


The project is being supported by the federal government with funds from the Coal Region Investment Act.


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