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Emission-free mobility in Vienna's public transportation system

Maximator Hydrogen supplies H2 refueling station with integrated trailer filling system for high availability to Wiener Wasserstoff GmbH.


Maximator Hydrogen, a leading specialist for hydrogen refueling stations, and Wiener Wasserstoff GmbH have jointly launched a pioneering project that will sustainably shape the future of local transport in Vienna. On Monday, the partners announced the opening of a high-performance hydrogen refueling station at Erdbergstraße 238, which represents a significant step towards emission-free mobility. Wiener Wasserstoff GmbH is part of the Wiener Stadtwerke Group and, together with Wien Energie, Wiener Linien and Wiener Netzen, has been pursuing the goal of exploiting the potential of hydrogen for Vienna and offering a fully integrated hydrogen solution since its foundation in 2020, with the Thuringian H2 specialist playing a central role with its high-performance technology.


The opening of the new hydrogen refueling station in Erdbergstraße is the result of a successful collaboration between Maximator Hydrogen and Wiener Wasserstoff GmbH. Linda Kirchberger and Helmut Meixner, Managing Directors of Wiener Wasserstoff GmbH, emphasize the importance of the project for the goal "Vienna climate-neutral by 2040" and underline: "It takes strong technology partners like Maximator Hydrogen GmbH and the other participating partners of the Schmidt Kranz Group to bring our plans to life and reduce CO2 emissions on a daily basis." In addition to Maximator Hydrogen GmbH, sister company FEST GmbH is also on board, supplying the electrolyzer that produces the hydrogen. The implementation of the hydrogen refueling station thus continues the success story that began with the opening of the first H2 refueling station in Vienna Leopoldau in 2021. Over 1000 refueling operations have already taken place at this facility and vehicles with pressures of 350 and 700 bar have been supplied with over five tons of hydrogen.

Vehicle refueling and trailer filling

The facility opened today is also designed for refueling these pressure ranges, which includes both light and heavy commercial vehicles and therefore covers a wide range of vehicles. A key component of the facility is a trailer filling system that enables two trailers to be filled simultaneously. This capacity plays a crucial role in ensuring a continuous supply and has already attracted the interest of various companies in the city that want to use hydrogen as an energy source. Wien Energie's hydrogen customers, such as Wiener Linien, Municipal Department 48 (waste management; refuse collection vehicles) and IKEA, are already using the infrastructure, demonstrating the potential of this facility as an important part of the region's future hydrogen infrastructure. This shows the great importance of Wiener Wasserstoff GmbH for the entire capital, which truly demonstrates its pioneering character. "We are delighted that our technologies are being put into practice and see Wiener Wasserstoff GmbH as an important pioneer for the Wiener Stadtwerke Group, which is tackling the implementation of climate targets with a hands-on mentality. We need concrete projects like this," emphasized René Himmelstein, CSO and CO-Founder of Maximator Hydrogen at the opening ceremony.


Powerful technology with modular expansion potential

Maximator Hydrogen has made a name for itself as a technology supplier and is once again setting new standards with its latest MAX Compression 2.0 technology. This advanced compressor unit offers a particularly cost-effective and efficient solution for compressing hydrogen for filling stations, storage facilities and pipelines. The system can be individually adapted to the needs of filling station operators and grows in line with demand. The MAX Compression 2.0 technology enables a hydraulic drive power of up to 250 kilowatts, which quadruples the capacity of the hydrogen refueling station. The 75 kW version is currently being installed here for the time being, but the entire system is already prepared for the future integration of the 250 kW version. This underlines the modular, expandable design of the system, which enables easy scaling and adaptation to future requirements. Planned expansions, such as in this case the prospective idea of feeding the compressed hydrogen into the natural gas grid, can be easily implemented thanks to the modularity and have already been taken into account in the project management. This can immensely facilitate the integration of renewable hydrogen energy sources into existing supply infrastructures and thus increase the speed at which climate targets are achieved.


In addition, the patented ASX (Automatic Seal Exchange) function significantly reduces the downtime of the system by automatically changing highly stressed H2 seals within a few minutes. Thanks to the higher compressor capacity, the filling station also requires less storage for the same number of refuelings, which further increases efficiency and reduces overall operating costs.


"We are delighted to be implementing our team's latest hydrogen expertise in our immediate neighborhood and thus helping to shape emission-free and sustainable local transport in our own city," comments Robert Adler, Managing Director of Maximator Advanced Technology, which has its headquarters just a few blocks away on Erdbergstraße. Maximator Hydrogen and Maximator Advanced Technology (MAT) - as a think tank in the field of hydrogen - work closely together to develop innovative solutions. MAT was founded in 2017 and is an important part of the Schmidt Kranz Group, to which Maximator Hydrogen also belongs. This close cooperation makes it possible to quickly put the latest developments and technologies into practice and meet the requirements of a constantly changing market.


Embedding the system in the Maximator Hydrogen Cloud enables efficient monitoring and control of the refueling station - not only for the 24/7 service support of Maximator Hydrogen, but also gives the operator an overview of live data on the refueling processes at his system. The hydrogen in the system comes from an electrolysis plant operated by FEST GmbH, another Schmidt Kranz Group company, which enables the system to be emission-free.


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