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MAX Dispenser 1.5 sets new standards in user experience and safety

New generation of dispensers


Maximator Hydrogen presents the latest generation of its hydrogen dispensers at this year's Hannover Messe: The MAX Dispenser 1.5, which sets new standards in user experience and safety and combines the knowledge gained from more than 20 years of experience in high-pressure technology and more than 75,000 hydrogen refuelings performed in a new design. Market launch is planned for 2024.

Users and safety at the center
The user interface was a particular focus in the development of the MAX Dispenser 1.5. A multimedia display with touch function, microphone, speaker and NFC reader provides customers with refueling instructions, the ability to see the filling status of their vehicle and serves as an interface to a service hotline in case of problems. The refueling experience is the focus here.

Another important development aspect is safety. The design of the dispenser has been optimized so that if it is accidentally moved away, the hose breakaway coupling can take full effect, preventing damage to the vehicle's fueling system or the dispenser itself. Additionally, the footprint of the user interaction has been moved away from the roadway, onto the tank island. In addition, the MAX Dispenser 1.5 has important SIL functions that safeguard against overpressure, unacceptable temperature, excessive mass flow or gas leakage. Tilt detection puts the dispenser in a safe state should a collision with a vehicle occur. The inflow is stopped, the relief valve is opened and the dispenser is de-energized.

Flexible application and combination options
The MAX Dispenser 1.5 is available for all applications: From 700 bar passenger cars to 350 bar heavy duty and commercial vehicles to 350 bar light duty vehicles and in the future even 700 bar heavy duty vehicles. The design, size and safety requirements always remain the same. Thanks to the smart design, the individual dispensers can also be combined in back-to-back setups. The dispenser is suitable for an ambient temperature of -40°C to +50°C and can therefore be used from cold Sweden to hot Spain.

Another advantage of the new design is the uncomplicated accessibility of the interior of the MAX Dispenser 1.5. With a few simple steps, quick and qualitative maintenance operations can be ensured, which additionally minimizes the downtime of the dispenser. In addition to this development in the area of customer application in the field, corresponding work steps in the assembly process have also been significantly optimized. This thus increases the scalability of the product, the overall system, and thus also drives the continuous spread of hydrogen as a low-emission fuel one step further.

Optimization of refueling
The MAX Dispenser 1.5 will be ready for series production by the end of this year. Thanks to the large number of refuelings already carried out, the control behavior has also been further optimized. Both the State of Charge (SOC) and the number of successful refuelings have been improved and now exceed 95%.
The new development of the dispenser also focuses on optimizing the refrigeration circuit and its control behavior. For example, at 700 bar refueling, the MC-formula based fueling protocol used in accordance with SAE J2601 ensures that vehicles are filled more quickly on average. At the same time, its dynamic control leads to fewer refueling interruptions.


The name MAX Dispenser 1.5 symbolizes not only the performance and quality of the dispenser, but also the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. As a company committed to a sustainable future, Maximator Hydrogen wants the MAX Dispenser 1.5 to do its part by providing an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

Anne Fiebig | Marketing and Communications