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Maximator Hydrogen only offers complete hydrogen refueling stations - the components are determined on a customer-specific basis.

MAX Dispenser 1.5

The MAX Dispenser 1.5 is the latest generation of hydrogen dispensers from Maximator Hydrogen. It sets new standards in user experience and safety and combines the knowledge gained from more than 20 years of experience in high-pressure technology and more than 75,000 hydrogen refuelings performed in a new design.


Flexible application and combination options:

  • 700 bar (H70-F60) pre-cooled: light duty (also suitable for heavy duty/commercial vehicles with an H70 tank nipple according to ISO 17268)
  • 350 bar (H35-F120) precooled: heavy-duty and commercial vehicles 350 bar
  • 350 bar (H35-F120) not pre-cooled: heavy duty and commercial vehicles 350 bar
  • 350 bar (H35-F60) pre-cooled: light duty 350 bar
  • 350 bar (H35-F60) not pre-cooled: industrial trucks, forklifts etc.
  • 700 bar (H70- F300) pre-cooled (max. 300 g/s, heavy-duty vehicles), standardisation still pending

Thanks to the smart design, the individual dispensers can also be combined in back-to-back setups.


The interface to the user and thus the refuelling experience were given special focus during the development of the MAX Dispenser 1.5:

  • Multimedia display with touch function, microphone, speakers and NFC reader (FillnDrive 15" VCID)
  • Live filling status and interface to the service hotline
  • Integrated analysis solution with the MAXIMATOR Hydrogen Cloud


Another important development aspect is safety: The design of the dispenser has been optimized so that if it is accidentally moved away, the hose breakaway coupling can take full effect, preventing damage to the vehicle's fueling system or the dispenser itself. Other features:

  • user interaction has been moved away from the roadway, onto the tank island
  • SIL function that protects against overpressure, unacceptable temperature, excessive mass flow or gas leakage
  • Tilt detection
  • Fast maintenance times due to unrestricted accessibility of the interior
  • State of Charge (SOC) and successful refuelling rate of over 95%
  • at 700 bar refuelling: MC-formula based fueling protocol according to SAE J2601


The name MAX Dispenser 1.5 symbolizes not only the performance and quality of the dispenser, but also the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. As a company committed to a sustainable future, Maximator Hydrogen wants the MAX Dispenser 1.5 to do its part by providing an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.


Technical Data

Feature  Value
Product Type         Dispenser
Installation location  freestanding
Weight  Depending on version, approx. 500 kg
Width  700 mm
Length  600 mm
Height   2750 mm
operating temperature -40°C / +50°C
Power 220 VAC, 50 Hz, 16 A
max. working pressure PS 700 bar versions: Inlet section 1034 bar; refuelling section 962 bar
350 bar Versions: Inlet section 1034 bar; refuelling section 481 bar
max. working pressure PW 700 bar versions: Inlet section 920 bar; refuelling section 875 bar
350 bar Versions: Inlet section 920 bar; refuelling section 438 bar
Process fluid H2
Tapping points 1 per dispenser
Refuelling pressure (NWP/HSL) 350 bar / 700 bar





René Himmelstein | CBDO Chief Business Development Officer