Product portfolio

Maximator Hydrogen only offers complete hydrogen refueling stations - the components are determined on a customer-specific basis.

MAX Compression System

The MAX Compression System is used for the compression of hydrogen and is built up in several modules.

The structure and function of the individual modules are:

  • MAX Inlet: Supply of the compressor stages (MAX Compression Stage 1 & 2) with hydrogen.
  • MAX Power: Hydraulic drive for the compressor stages
  • MAX Auxiliary: Generation and distribution of pneumatic pressure for all pneumatic valves and pneumatic motors used in the system.
  • MAX Compression Stage 1 & 2: compression of the hydrogen
  • MAX Outlet: Discharge of the compressed hydrogen towards the MAX STORAGE HP
  • MAX Cool: Intermediate cooling after the individual compression stages.


Technical Data

Feature    Value
Product Type    Compression System
Installation location    freestanding
Weight    10000 kg
Width    3400 mm
Length    2200 mm
Height    6150 mm
operating temperature    -20°C / +40°C
max. working pressure PS    975 bar
max. working pressure PW    930 bar
Process fluid    H2
min. admission pressure    24 bar


René Himmelstein | CBDO Chief Business Development Officer