Product portfolio

Maximator Hydrogen only offers complete hydrogen refueling stations - the components are determined on a customer-specific basis.

MAX Chill

MAX Chill is the refrigeration system needed to pre-cool the hydrogen for filling. The system itself is a cascade cooling system in which two refrigerant circuits operate at different temperature levels. The system components are mounted in a housing, which in turn is housed in a container. The condenser is placed on top of the container. The evaporator is a fusion-bonded heat exchanger through which the hydrogen flows and is cooled.


Technical Data

feature    value
Product type    Refrigeration unit
installation place       free standing
weight    2200 kg
width    2531 mm
length    2070 mm
height    1870 mm
Operating temperature    -50°C / +150°C
Process fluid    CO2


René Himmelstein | CBDO Chief Business Development Officer